Remote Full Stack Developer, Backend Developer at Elaisian

Role: Full Stack Developer, Backend Developer

Industry: Information Technology, Telecommunications

Company size: 1-10 people (20 – 30 y/o)

Salary: € 23k – 40k


Backend: Node.js

FrontEnd & Libs: Angular 7, Rx.js, NgRx Store/Effect, Scss

Systems & Database: Linux, AWS (VPC VPN, Route53, ELB, EC2, DynamoDb, mySql,  CloudFront, S3, CloudWatch, AWS Api GateWay), Circle/Ci, CodeShip. Nginx

Versioning: Git.

Tools & Management: GithubVisual Studio CodeSlack.

Job Description

As a Mid/Senior Developer at Elaisian, your primary responsibilities will be to implement new features and enhance the current stack architecture. Depending on your skill level  you could also be required to mentor juniors through code reviews, or follow courses to improve your skills.

We are seeking an independent, self-aware, remote-work experienced Web Developer able to manage and accomplish his workload. You will also need to be available and get in touch with the non-tech team members to help them out their custom related needs .

To give you an idea of the work you’ll be doing, our next significant challenges are to scale up our architecture, to improve our application audit score, Seo, and to increasing systems  security.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop and maintain new features by using company tools and by adhering code best practices.
  • Improve System security.
  • improve System Quality/Costs efficiency.
  • Research customer feedback and provide insight to support the product.
  • Mentor and foster the growth of fellow software engineers.

Additional responsibilities may include

  • Provide feedback on APIs, SDKs, documentation and product:
  • Provide individual opinion and insight
  • Share knowledge and information related to Elaisian events
  • Provide support via social channels such as Twitter, StackOverflow, Fb, Linkedin
  • Help with recruitment through referral of strong technical candidates
  • Contribute to the development of libraries and tooling


  • Good knowledge of Git, GitHub and Javascript or AWS
  • Experience in building and using APIs.
  • Critical Thinking.
  • Ability to read and understand english technical documentation.
  • Knowledge of your limits.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of past developer experience.

Hiring Process

  • Screening phone call (20 min)
  • Technical phone call (20 min)
  • Technical video call and technical test (1-2 hr)
  • Founder Interview

About Elaisian

Elaisian has developed the world’s first precision farming service that prevents the diseases of olive trees. By a system of algorithms based on a database of agronomic studies, it is able to prevent diseases and optimize cultivation processes such as irrigation and fertilization. Currently monitoring +100 olive farms in 15 italian regions.

Elaisian has created a weather device that records climate data in real time from olive groves. Through the study of these data, the work of algorithms and satellite images, the service provides alerts to optimize the use of water in the field, improve the use of fertilizers and prevent diseases, thus reducing costs during the pre-harvest phase and improving production.

Our vision is to become the world’s precision farming reference system for all olive oil producers (3.5M)


  • Access to courses related to our stack (AWS cloud, Angular, Typescript etc)
  • Visiting Rome 1 week every 1-2 month depending on Roadmaps ( Travel and Room )

How to apply

Send your CV to

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