Front end developers at Kiprosher

Kiprosher – We are looking for front end developers having 2+ years of experience in React.js / Vue.js / Angular.js / Ember.js / Knockout.js / Ext.js frameworks and libraries.

Must Have Skills

  • Strong verbal & written communication skills.
  • Good hands-on experience with ES6 & knowledge of the upcoming syntax of ECMAScript.
  • Experience crafting robust, maintainable code using React.js / Vue.js / Angular.js / Ember.js / Knockout.js / Ext.js frameworks and libraries.
  • Working understanding of Webpack, Babel, Parcel & other pre-processing tools.
  • Strong understanding of DOM.
  • Good understanding of NPM, Yarn & other build tools.
  • You must be comfortable with Google DevTools.
  • Strong understanding of HTML and CSS.

Good to Have Skills

  • Huge plus if you have experience in working with state management libraries like Redux, MobX etc. in React.js.
  • Huge plus if you have an understanding of HOC, Render Props & other design patterns in React.js
  • Knowledge of Typescript would be a plus.
  • Experience with CSS in JS libraries.
  • Understanding of CSS Flexbox & CSS Grid will be highly appreciated.
  • Willingness to share knowledge in the form of open source or blogs

What is it like to work with Kiprosh

  • We’re remote friendly and calm company.
  • We use Apple Macbook and latest powerful hardware.
  • We believe in flexible working hours.
  • We attend technology conferences, both in India and International.
  • Opportunity to work on large scale International projects.
  • We allocate time to work on open source projects (check: Kiprosh Github)
  • We encourage to blog about development experience with rest of the world. (check: Kiprosh Blogs)
  • We organize Mumbai Ruby on Rails MeetupsMumbai Ruby MeetupsMumbai Javascript Meetups and Mumbai Elixir Meetups which will give you a stage & help you improve your programming skills.
  • We have team and company wide outings twice a Year.
  • Half Yearly and Yearly Awards Ceremony. Annual Celebrations.
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